It's been a long journey to achieve my goal in creating the best cue tip in the world.

Through tremendous effort, I have found what the perfect cue tip should be.

After observing numerous tournaments and speaking with players, I have found what it takes to win.

Through relentless testing over the last five years, I believe I have found the perfect cue tip.

I realized that there are many factors in making a cue tip. I've learned that it's not only the materials that make the best cue tip. It's a harmonious balance of chemicals, physics, climate and the best quality materials.

As I started
making cue tips...

My mentor always said this work would open up a new world for me.

I feel this is true. This work has given me the opportunity to travel far and wide and meet many people.

I hope my cue tips will allow many players to enjoy this wonderful game.

This journey keeps going...

My mentor said this work will bring you to the new world. I feel it's true. This work made me travel far and meet many people.

This journey hasn't been over yet. I must keep going on this journey. I hope many players enjoy this wonderful game with my cue tip.


  • I believe that good tips never distract player's concentration. Good tip will dissaper itself from player's consciousness to focus on the game.
    Mr Ryu


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